Have you got beef with a greener planet?

We headed out into the streets of London to ask the public what they thought of banning beef and whether they would consider adapting their diet to tackle climate change

Cities ‘must beef up action against climate change’

A new report says the climate impact of beef could be cut by 60% if cities co-operate to change global supply chains

Got beef? CCC lambasts sheep and cow consumption

The organisation claims beef and lamb production are responsible for most farm-based greenhouse gases

Swap beef for beans and save the world!

Swapping beef for beans could have a “huge impact” on reducing US greenhouse gas emissions and free up an area of cropland larger than France. A team of scientists from four US universities found if the whole of the US made this dietary change, the country could achieve up to 75% of its climate change targets by 2020. […]

IFC and Carbon Trust agree to beef-up sustainability

A deal has been agreed to improve productivity and reduce emissions in Brazil’s beef industry. World Bank member IFC and sustainability experts Carbon Trust have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support a major pilot programme to transform the resource efficiency of the sector and its supply chain. It is currently responsible for over […]