Molson Coors brews up science-based targets

The international brewer has developed a 2025 goal to halve its operational carbon emissions

It’s Heineken’s round for cutting carbon

Heineken has announced a new programme to grow its share of renewable energy to 70% by 2030 and slash greenhouse gas emissions in the process. The beer producer’s ‘Drop the C’ initiative, the name of which refers to reducing carbon dioxide, aims to increase the proportion of heat and power from clean sources from the […]

Cheers to sustainability with biodegradable beer packaging

  A company has invented edible and biodegradable six-pack holders for beer cans. E6PR, which is short for ‘eco six-pack ring’, has developed the green packaging to reduce pollution in the oceans and avoid animals being harmed by trying to eat plastic or being strangled by it. The new holder, made from wheat and barley […]

Budweiser brews US beer with 100% green power

  Budweiser now brews all its beer in the US using 100% renewable electricity. It has also revealed its new renewable electricity symbol, which will appear on the label of every Budweiser brewed in the US. Electricity is sourced from the Thunder Ranch Wind Farm in Oklahoma, which is powered by Enel Green Power. AB […]

Borough Market hops towards sustainable beers

  Fancy a sustainable beer homegrown in London using recycled fertiliser, coffee mulch, chocolate and rainwater? Then get down to Borough Market, where ELN spoke to the site’s Managing Director Darren Henaghan to find out more about the sustainable offering they’ve brewed up. Borough Market previously installed three drinking fountains in an attempt to slash […]

Now you can sip sustainably with 100% green beers

A Suffolk-based beer and spirits producer has made its business 100% renewable. Adnams says its offices, stores, brewery and distribution centre are now supplied by a green tariff, sourcing energy solely from wind, solar and hydropower. The firm claims it expects to reduce its annual carbon emissions by more than 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, […]

If Carlsberg did carbon-neutral breweries…

  Carlsberg has opened its first carbon-neutral brewery in Sweden. The facility in Falkenberg emits zero carbon emissions from its energy consumption, after completely switching to biogas and green electricity. More than a quarter of the site’s thermal energy comes from biogas generated from the brewery’s own wastewater. The achievement aligns with the company’s goal […]

Brewery hops towards 2025 sustainability

A multinational brewing company has committed to sending zero waste to landfill across its major manufacturing facilities. Molson Coors has released its new sustainability strategy and goals leading up to 2025 – 13 of its sites are already hitting this target. The brewer, formed in a merger between Canada’s Molson and Coors from the US, […]

From the sewer to the brewer: urine beer

Scientists have created a solar powered machine that could be used to convert urine into beer. Researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium invented the green device that boils and separates pee into two parts: drinkable water and fertiliser. After it’s collected, a solar-powered boiler evaporates the water part through a membrane, separating it […]

Brewer hops towards sustainable goals

MillerCoors is continuing to reduce water usage and brewery waste ahead of its 2020 sustainability goals. It has released its 2016 Sustainability Report which reviews the company’s environmental performance and shows whether it’s on track to hit 2020 targets. The brewer, which is the second largest in the US, has managed to reduce water usage within its […]