China pledges £11bn to tackle pollution

China has pledged to spend ¥100 billion (£10.7bn) over three years to deal with the capital city’s pollution crisis. According to Chinese reports, the Beijing Government has published plans to improve sewage disposal, garbage treatment, air quality and tackle illegal construction. This includes laying or upgrading 1,290 km of sewage pipeline, building five garbage incineration […]

Dangerous smog covers Chinese cities

Many parts of China have been engulfed by thick polluted smog for the second time in around two weeks. According to Chinese reports, visibility was lower than 1,000 metres in the capital city, Beijing and a few other provinces. This has led to more people in hospital with respiratory illnesses and has prompted city Governments […]

China picks up UK energy calculator

China has been working with the UK on a way of adapting a British energy modelling system to its own economy. The Asian superpower’s Energy Research Institute (ERI) has been working with its British counterparts to adapt the UK Government’s ‘2050 Calculator’. The online tool, which will be available to the public, exposes the risks […]

China opens shale gas auction

China has announced it will hold a public auction of shale gas next month. The auction, which is expected to boost exploration and development of the gas, will include 20 shale gas blocks in eight provinces, covering an area of 20,002 square kms. The participants are allowed a maximum of two bids and must be […]

China and US open energy technology centre

The US and China have opened an energy technology centre in Beijing to support the growth of the aviation industry. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and Boeing, a US aerospace company, will look at refining waste cooking oil into sustainable aviation biofuel as part of its first project. Often described as “gutter oil” […]

Fuel price weighs on minds of airline chiefs

High oil prices are weighing heavily on the minds of airline chiefs – and problems are being made worse by economic instability, according to the head of the international body for aviation. Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO said the industry faces “razor-thin profit margins”, expecting to make $3 billion profit this year from […]

Public outcry pushes China to release stricter air pollution standards

The Beijing City Government is soon to release the results for stricter air pollution standards, according to the Chinese media. This follows a public outcry about Chinese officials underestimating the extent of smoke and fog that often blankets the capital. Under the stricter standards, Beijing’s government will monitor the smaller air particles, 2.5 micrometers in […]