Renewables set new record by providing a third of electricity in 2019

Last year was the first time in which renewables accounted for more than one-third of total electricity generation, according to BEIS

Fly to net zero! UK awards £400m to make air travel greener

Development of high-performance engines, energy-efficient components and lightweight materials to reduce fuel consumption is set to benefit from the government funding

UK Government launches £16m package to protect Amazon rainforest

The investment is part of the Partnerships for Forests programme, which aims to help farmers restore a rainforest area equal to the size of 1,680 football pitches

Cabinet appoints new BEIS Permanent Secretary

Sarah Munby has been Director General for Business Sectors at BEIS since July 2019 when she joined the department

Energy minister sets out parameters for next capacity auctions

They include the T-1 auction planned for January 2021 and the T-4 auction for February 2021

BEIS launches offshore transmission network review

It aims to remove the barriers for significant deployment of offshore wind projects across the UK

Government changes legislation to encourage larger battery storage projects

The change will enable storage projects above 50MW to be developed in England, while batteries larger than 350MW will be given the go-ahead in Wales

Government gives go-ahead to Vattenfall’s major offshore wind project

The wind farm is estimated to provide enough energy to power almost two million homes and save three million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year

‘Improving energy efficiency of UK homes could save the NHS £1bn’

Deep retrofit upgrades for low-income households could offer a saving of £329 per year on their energy bills, according to a report

Heating scheme to warm 250 UK homes with free low carbon heat pumps

The installations will be offered to homes which already have gas central heating and will be complemented by checks, energy tariffs and usage advice