‘Heat pump grants will most likely benefit the richest households’

Dr Benny Peiser, Global Warming Policy Forum Director spoke to ELN about the reported £400m scrappage scheme that will allegedly encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps

Sceptics quick to bash new IPCC climate predictions

New predictions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the impact of humans on climate change were bashed today as “untrustworthy”. The IPCC’s latest report found it is “extremely likely” humans have been the cause of observed climate change since the mid-20th century. Sceptics have been quick to attack the report’s assessment that […]

Reshuffle gives green light to dash for gas?

The reshuffle could potentially give the green light to a ‘dash for gas’, the Global Warming Policy Foundation said today. David Cameron’s promise to be the “greenest Government ever” was questioned today after appointing MP Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary, who many say is a climate sceptic. Benny Peiser, director of the climate change sceptic […]

Huhne branded ‘dangerous liability’

Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation told ELN: “Chris Huhne has become a dangerous liability for the government. His unpopular green energy policy is adding to rising energy bills, which represent a serious problem for the government. “If Chris Huhne has his way, Britons will be forced to subsidise renewable energy […]

Wind turbines fail to pick up speed

Figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that 48% of wind farm applications were rejected last year, up from 29% six years ago. Jacqueline Harris, a Partner at McGrigors, said that the planning system is too heavily weighted to local interests: “The feeling is that local authorities are too often prioritising local […]

Electricity Market Reform slammed by think tank director

The new energy policies set out by the government may be costly and reckless, says Dr Benny Peiser, director of The Global Warming Policy Foundation. He told ELN that the obsession with climate change was economically and politically unrealistic: “A lot of the alarmists’ claims seem to be extremely dodgy but there is a public […]

Does the public still care about climate change?

The public is less concerned about climate change than it was five years ago and is becoming immune to global warming warnings. This shift has been partly caused by the fallout over ‘Climategate’, the 2009 scandal surrounding emails from the University of East Anglia which suggested some global warming data was being manipulated. Yet despite […]