14 of the oddest things we’ve read about smart meters: Security, data, and privacy

In the second post in a series, Opus Energy look at those smart meter myths which prey on fears about data security and the right to privacy.

Blog: Big Brother’s watching… And you’ve left the lights on!

You finally get home after a long day’s slog, gratefully slump in the sofa with a cup of tea and put your feet up for a few blissful moments. The television crackles to life sinisterly: “This is Big Brother calling, are you watching?” You spill your hot tea in shock – oh no, you think, […]

‘Big Brother’ control of home energy use slammed

Plans to control the energy use of appliances in British homes have been criticised for being ‘Big Brother’-esque. The National Grid wants to be able to switch off new appliances such as fridges and freezers remotely via sensors, to avoid power cuts if there is too much demand for the country’s electricity supplies. The technology […]