Is climate change killing starfish?

A new study suggests warmer seas may be making starfish more susceptible to naturally occurring diseases

MPs condemn ‘raid’ on environment staff to work on Brexit

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said around 400 staff have been transferred from public agencies

Eden Project considers new location in Lancashire

It would focus on the connection with the environment in the Morecambe Bay

UK finances £10.6m for international conservation

A total of 52 projects will share the funding over the next three years to support and enhance biodiversity

UK launches ecological research with Chile

A fund set up by the UK Government has launched a regional biodiversity programme with Chile. The Newton Fund has launched two programmes – one will consist of an international research placement while the other will involve organising workshops. Both elements of the programme aim to bring together early-career researchers from the UK and Chile, […]

UK and Latin America team up on biodiversity

A new project aims to promote co-operation between biodiversity researchers across the UK and six Latin American countries. Funded by the British Council’s Newton Fund and in partnership with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Researcher Links aims to enhance scientific collaboration by promoting an international exchange of researchers between universities in UK, Mexico, Colombia, […]

Solar farms ‘boost biodiversity’

Solar farms can have significant benefits for biodiversity. That’s according to a new report, which looked into the effects of 11 solar arrays on local biodiversity. Researchers at Clarkson & Woods and Wychwood Biodiversity compared wildlife in the solar farm and at a “control” plot nearby to assess any changes. They found solar farms with the […]

Congo Basin important for future climate conventions

The Congo Basin is important for global climate regulation and natural resources, according to a new report. The EU funded study looks at sustainable forest management and highlights biodiversity threats across the six countries that form the Congo Basin. It explains the importance of Central African countries and their effects in future climate conventions. They […]

Offshore wind farms create biodiversity

A study conducted at a Dutch wind farm over the last two years has shown that wind farms, rather than destroying habitats, can act as a new type of habitat with a higher biodiversity of organisms, both on the sea floor, in the water and in the air. An extensive monitoring programme is being undertaken […]