We must protect our forests, says climate tech expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Adrien Pages from MORFO who told about his drone technology that is restoring forest areas

Wind farm uncover insect secrets

ScottishPower Renewables’ Whitelee Windfarm has joined an initiative studying the genetic diversity of one million flying insects across the UK – the project aims to uncover potentially undescribed species

“Raw sewage floods sensitive UK wilderness areas for 300,000 hours”

Nearly 1,200 sewage overflow pipes in England and Wales discharged raw sewage for over 300,000 hours last year in protected wildlife habitats, according to a report

UK solar farms provide haven for wildlife, reveals national survey

Solar farms can support declining species and enhance pollinator populations, according to a report by Solar Energy UK

Hotter and riskier: Northern Ireland’s climate change challenge

The Climate Change Committee has noted limited evidence of delivery, data gaps and a need for further development of Northern Ireland’s green plan

‘Wind and solar PV are the green dream team for the environment’

A switch to wind and solar PV can lead to a significant decrease in environmental impact compared to other forms of renewable energy, according to a recent report

Renewables developers build seabirds ‘hotel’

The nesting structures will be able to accommodate around 430 pairs of kittiwakes

UN: World grants protected status to 30% of global seas

The High Seas Treaty signed between 200 countries aims to control deep sea mining and other activities in a bid to protect marine life

COP15: Deal struck to protect 30% of the Earth by 2030

The ’30×30′ agreement will see ocean and land conserved across the globe

Anesco’s new energy storage facility promises a biodiversity net gain

The 50MW storage facility to be built in Aberdeenshire