‘Net zero will more than double Australian energy bills’

A new report claims closing coal-fired power stations isn’t the way to go

Kwasi Kwarteng: “Completely unacceptable that there are still homes off power”

The Business and Energy Secretary said it is ‘frustrating’ 3,900 are still without power in the North East

Storm Arwen battered one million homes and businesses

More than 65,000 homes and customers remained without power on Monday afternoon

‘We could have rolling blackouts this winter’

The CEO of commodity giant Trafigura said Europe is currently facing gas supply issues

A Question of Balance

Why balancing the grid has been getting more expensive

MEPs back new rules to make power market ‘cleaner’ and prevent blackouts

They have adopted four new laws on the EU electricity market under the Clean Energy for All Europeans package

Blackouts ‘could cost UK businesses £2.8m each’

Medium-sized UK businesses without energy resilience strategies are risking an average of £2.8 million each year in damages and lost opportunities. That’s among the findings from Centrica Business Solutions’ new report, which is based on a survey of more than 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland. When questioned, senior decision makers who had not […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Are potential power blackouts a driver for greater efficiency?

Hey, we haven’t eaten our Easter eggs yet so why do we need to think about next winter already? There has been much speculation on the tightness in UK supply and demand balance on the electricity network next winter, i.e. 2016/17. From an energy efficiency perspective, is it actually a desirable thing that there is […]

Quebec storm puts 150,000 in the dark

A severe winter storm left around 150,000 homes in Quebec without power over the weekend, it was reported. Electricity company Hydro-Québec told CBC News the main reason for the outages on Sunday afternoon was because of fallen branches hitting power lines. Around 95% of homes were restored with power overnight, the power company said, with 8,500 still in the dark yesterday morning. Extreme cold […]

Blackouts nearly scupper World Cup for Pakistan fans

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