‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

That’s following the anti-energy blackout scheme ran by National Grid ESO last winter

Octopus Energy calls for no coal as back-up

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Will the cold snap bring energy blackouts?

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Energy blackouts will see more elderly accidents

Accidents in the home cost the NHS £374m a year, a report claims

Nearly 60% of Britons are “concerned” about potential blackouts this winter

Almost half feel “prepared” to cope with blackouts in their area, according to a new survey

EU to deliver additional energy equipment to Ukraine

More than 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, including transmission lines, power stations and pipelines, is said to have been damaged or destroyed by Russian attacks

Energy-saving campaign turns up the heat on government

Cabinet Minister Nadhim Zahawi said a proposed public information campaign was blocked by Number 10 because of its cost

Liz Truss calls for unity amid ‘energy war’

Britain’s neighbours should work together to guard against winter blackouts, the Prime Minister has said

UK reportedly mulling energy rationing campaign

Reports claim that Whitehall officials have already discussed a campaign to encourage Britons to cut their energy consumption

UK could pay £420m for keeping coal-fired power stations open this winter

National Grid ESO has confirmed it has agreed on contingency contracts with four coal units