Guest Blog: Haydn Young – How to spread your energy saving message effectively

The message must be a call to action, a team motivator and a focus for activity – but how to deliver it?

Guest Blog: Ben Mason – Third party costs are on the increase

Utility Team says it can help customers protect themselves against higher costs now and in the future

Guest Blog: Christopher Trigg – Excess Capacity Charge Changes

As we approach the end of summer many of us are starting to think about our energy bills across the colder months. And its not just the inclement weather that will impact our bills. DCP161 is a new measure introduced by Ofgem from 1st April 2018 to ensure that half-hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – The Building Blocks of a Successful PPA

Everyone’s pretty au fait with the general shape of a PPA – renewable developer meets end user, and both live happily ever after with a mutually beneficial purchase agreement – but for many people the rest of the details are a little hazy. There’s a lot more to a PPA than just settling on a […]

Guest Blog – The jury is out on BEIS but are we any closer to long term certainty?

If one thing has been certain in the energy industry over recent years, it’s uncertainty. The past two months alone have brought a flurry of change, from the Brexit referendum outcome to the whirlwind in Westminster of a new Prime Minister and the creation of a new government department, signalling the end of DECC and […]

Reporter’s Blog: Nepal earthquake – Powering the country one year on

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake: the day that changed everyone’s lives forever. More than eight million people were affected and thousands killed and injured after a 7.8 magnitude quake hit the beautiful Himalayan country. It affected people’s daily lives: basic commodities like food […]

Guest Blog: Michael Parker – UK wind power – Time for action

First of all, I would like to thank Wayne  for providing me with the opportunity to talk about wind energy today . You might wonder, why I chose the headline “time for action”, as if  you look at the statistics of wind energy in the UK today, it all looks very positive: Offshore and onshore […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on how the energy market operates

Many ways to tell a story The energy industry is never out of the news it seems. Over the past week, I’ve been looking at all the coverage of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation. And what interesting reading it makes. As you are probably aware, the CMA is looking into how the energy […]

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – A grandé cup of energy savings with extra cream please

In just my second week as a Starbucks partner (known as employee is most organisations), I was given the opportunity to be fully immersed into the global coffee chain’s culture by experiencing first-hand what makes the company such a success and how it goes about ‘inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one […]

Blog: A murky view from the top of the world

I was ecstatic! A month in my home country after three and a half years of not having seen my family. It was supposed to bring a breath of fresh air. Except it didn’t (literally!). As I walked out of Nepal’s international airport to see some of my family members waiting impatiently, I was struck […]