Bread baking goes against the grain with electric shock technique

Researchers say passing electrical currents through bread dough could save energy and time compared to conventional baking

Tesco turns its bread waste into new product ranges

The supermarket is using wasted baguettes and batons to make bread pudding and olive oil crostini

Bread and beer
Could a new beer be the best thing since sliced bread?

Toast Ale brews its Pale Ale, Craft Lager, Session IPA and American Pale Ale using unsold loaves and unused crusts that would otherwise be binned

Hovis bread
Stop loafing around and help make bread waste toast!

Hovis has teamed up with recycling brand TerraCycle to launch a bread bag recycling initiative

Mill and bakery slices fifth off energy budget with risk management

A large mill and bakery has sliced a fifth off its energy budget with a risk management strategy. Energy broker EIC said its client began a two year electricity supply contract starting in October 2013 and is getting 23% savings against its budget. Amy Chambers, Marketing Executive at EIC said: “Through our active Risk Management […]