Energy Live 2013 – Sumit Bose Interviews Chris Faulkner

Sumit Bose interviews Chris Faulkner, CEO Breitling Energy Companies.

Shale gas is ‘saving the planet from coal’

Shale gas is “saving the planet from coal” as the latter has a greater environmental impact, according to US fracking expert Chris Faulkner (pictured). In an interview after his appearance at Energy Live 2013, the founder and CEO of Breitling Energy Companies told ELN the US has raised natural gas production by 40% and at […]

US fracking industry player at Energy Live 2013

A US energy company boss and an expert in the areas of oil and gas – including fracking – is joining the brilliant line-up at Energy Live 2013. Chris Faulkner is the founder and CEO of Dallas-based Breitling Energy Companies, the holding firm of Breitling Oil and Gas and Breitling Royalties, which he also founded. […]