Crude oil prices stay strong

Crude oil prices remain strong, thanks to a weak dollar and strong demand. That’s according to a new report from global bank HSBC, which shows Brent Crude has recovered by around $10 (£7.4) a barrel from lows earlier this year. The strength of demand has been a key feature with year-on-year demand growth at its […]

Oil price sinks to five-month low

The price of oil has fallen dramatically, hitting its lowest level since November 2016. According to analysts, Brent crude fell to $47.49 (£36.7) a barrel, while US crude dropped to $44.58 (£34) a barrel yesterday although there has been some recovery today. Oil price has been falling since the start of the year despite OPEC’s […]

Goldman revises down its oil forecast

Goldman Sachs lowered its forecast for future oil prices this week, following the oil price’s recent slide. It also said a price of $40 per barrel would be necessary for the next six months to stabilise out supply and demand. In a research note from 11 January led by Goldman Sachs analyst Jeffrey Currie, it changed […]

Oil price flops down $2 a barrel – DMR

The price of Brent crude oil fell to around $82 per barrel earlier today, according to the daily market report. Sarah Astley, Client Portfolio Manager at npower said: “Oil has lost around $2 a barrel this morning, this comes following news Saudi Arabia has cut prices to US consumers.” She added: “This is as the […]

It’s oil about Brent on the energy markets

The price of oil held the spotlight in the energy markets this week, suggests the new weekly Y Report from Inenco. Matthew Osborne, Risk Manager at Inenco said: “This week has been really about Brent, the international oil benchmark and that’s shown the most sort of price activity. “In fact it’s actually rebounded slightly and […]

Brent crude oil drops below $100 a barrel

The price of Brent crude oil dropped below $100 per barrel overnight in London for the first time since July. Brent crude sets the bar for around half of the world’s oil prices. It slipped down to $98.90 in the early hours of this morning, falling as much as much as $1.73, or 1.7%, according […]

The Market Report – October 30th 2012

npower gives you the latest on the markets

The Market Report – 15th August

What effect has the Colombian coal strike and ongoing tensions in Syria had on power prices? Magali Hodgson, npower Optimisation Desk Manager talks through the main drivers behind energy prices in this weekly market report.

Pricey oil will hit profit margins

Business profit margins in the UK are continuing to take a battering because of rising oil prices, according to the latest monthly business trend report from BDO. Despite the “positive news” of rising UK output, the audit firm suggests high oil prices are likely to hit consumer spending power as well as business profit margins. […]