Something clicks for LEGO’s sustainability efforts

The LEGO Group has launched a new pilot programme to collect old plastic bricks from across the US and refurbish them

From bags into bricks. Is plastic going to build the future?

Plastic waste can now be made into eco-friendly bricks for construction. US firm ByFusion’s RePlast machine turns any type of plastic waste into a solid block that can replace traditional bricks in buildings. The bricks produce 95% less greenhouse gases to make than a concrete block, have very high thermal and acoustic insulation properties and […]

LEGO’s multi-coloured bricks to go green

The founder of the multi-coloured building bricks are to invest DKK1 billion (£96m) in sustainable materials. The LEGO Group has established a ‘Sustainable Materials Centre’, which will be dedicated to research, development and implementation of new greener products. It will be based at its headquarters in Billund, Denmark and is expected to create more than […]