EU funds €10m to upgrade wastewater systems in Hungary

The project is expected to benefit around 33,000 people

Budapest lent €100m for energy efficiency, green energy

A loan totalling €100 million (£74m) has been granted to Budapest to support improvements in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental protection. The cash will also be used by the Municipality of Budapest to implement schemes in other areas such as waste, water, renewables and regeneration. The projects are expected to contribute to the […]

ENER-G launches £2m Budapest centre

A €2.6m (£2.2m) renewable energy centre in Budapest built by ENER-G’S Hungarian subsidiary is now operational. The centre at Budapest wastewater treatment plant in Csepel is part of the Living Danube programme, Europe’s largest environmental investment currently under implementation. ENER-G Energia Technologia Zrt has installed a biogas cogeneration system together with three boilers for additional […]