Is Labour in need of our guide to market madness….

So yesterday Ed Miliband and Labour said the energy markets were so badly run they needed a kick. A serious kick. Should they come to power in May 2015, Miliband’s future Labour Government is determined to interfere and freeze energy prices until the start of 2017. That’s one way to calm the markets. Another is […]

Rallying oil prices prompts “large wave” of buying

Rallying oil prices in January prompted a wave of speculative buying in the hope prices will continue going up, according to a monthly market report released by OPEC today. The Organisation of Petroleum Buying Countries says its average price benchmark – known as the reference basket – rose 2.5% over the last month to settle […]

Beware of tricky contracts, warns energy broker

Consumers need to protect themselves from risk when buying energy from brokers. These were the words of M&C Energy Group’s CEO who claimed some of his competitors might charge for ‘hidden’ commissions. Mark Dickinson said: “The energy budget is too important to leave to a third party with anything other than the best credentials and […]

Schneider Electric set to buy M&C Energy

High-flying UK procurement firm M&C Energy is set to be taken over by global specialist Schneider Electric. M&C, which expects to generate total sales of £35 million for the current year, is an attractive prospect, currently having a higher earnings margin than the Schneider Electric average. Chris Curtis, Schneider Electric’s Executive Vice President, Buildings Business […]