UK finances £10.6m for international conservation

A total of 52 projects will share the funding over the next three years to support and enhance biodiversity

Cambodia aims for new sustainable plan

The Cambodian Government is working towards a new sustainable development plan. The National Environmental Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP) is being supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It aims to prioritise policy tools and financing options to ensure there is environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management. It was introduced to senior officials from 17 ministries […]

$7.4m to boost climate resilience in Cambodia

A grant worth $7.4 million (£4.8m) has been given to help Cambodia boost its resilience to climate change. An agreement was signed by the the Government of Cambodia and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Part of the funding will be used to build 40 rainwater harvesting ponds for home gardens and introduce drought-resilient crops in […]

Cambodia goes big on industry biomass?

Cambodia has launched a four year project to promote biomass energy in its industrial sector, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported. The country’s Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy has begun a $5.6 million (£3.6m) project for renewable projects using biomass, supported by UN cash, officials said. The scheme will cover five sectors, including food […]