A 2030 ban on polluting cars ‘could create £4.2bn supercharge for the economy’

An accelerated ban on new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and vans could create almost 32,000 new jobs by 2030, according to a new report

EU shale gas revolution 'could create more than a million jobs'

An EU shale gas revolution could create more than a million jobs according to a new report commissioned by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP). Developing shale gas could also lower prices – making industry more competitive – and decrease the reliance on imported gas, according to the study by Poyry Management […]

Wind better boost for UK economy than gas

Investment in offshore wind would have a more positive impact on UK GDP and create thousands more jobs than gas. A new report by Cambridge Econometrics for environmental groups Greenpeace and WWF claims it could increase GDP by 0.8% – or £20 billion – and create around 70,000 jobs by 2030. It could also prevent […]

UK maintains lead position in offshore wind

The UK has maintained its position as the world leader in offshore wind, according to a new report. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) said the UK installed more than 2,000MW of wind power last year in a total of 3,813MW of installation, which accounted for around 9% of the European market. The report showed […]

UK set to miss carbon budgets with current policies?

The UK won’t reach tight targets set in the carbon budgets, it has been predicted. Independent forecasting company Cambridge Econometrics used a computerised modeling system to make the predictions. Earlier this year, the government set itself the target of a 50% cut in emissions from 1990 levels for the fourth carbon budget, the period between […]