Council ‘sparks fury’ after installing an EV charger close to cemetery

Visitors of a crematorium in Cumbria have reportedly criticised the scheme

Centrica teams up with NCP to trial ‘charge parks’ for EVs

They aim to create potential ways of charging commercial fleets and taxis in public spaces

Welsh councils win £458k to plug in EV charging points

Five councils will install a total of 73 charging networks across 33 car parks

Government drives EV charging innovation with £37m funding

The investment is being shared by 12 projects, which include solar-powered forecourts as well as underground and wireless charging technologies

Treasury allots £10m to energy efficient car parks

Brits will be pulling into energy efficient car parks next year as a multi-million pound pot of cash to fund new lighting systems was announced today. The Government is giving national off-street parking firm NCP a £10million guarantee for installing energy saving lighting equipment at 149 of its 500-odd sites. Switching to LED lights is […]