Drax announces £400k bioenergy carbon capture and storage trial

It aims to mix its greenhouse gas emissions with a solvent to collect and store carbon dioxide

Norway backs CCS with £7.3m funding

It will cover research into the transport of CO2, storage and up to two capture facilities

Is carbon storage all it’s cracked up to be?

A UK university has been awarded €1 million (£900,000) to assess the risks of underground carbon dioxide storage sites leaking. Scientists at Heriot-Watt University aim to use the funding to improve understanding of how fractures in the rocks used to trap the greenhouse gas can affect the process. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) catches carbon […]

New process converts emissions to clean fuel

A new process could convert captured greenhouse gas emissions into a useful fuel. The technique, developed by scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Idaho National Laboratory (INL), could help carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies become more widely implemented by making them much more economically viable. The researchers have developed an efficient process […]

Scottish CCS firm signs expertise and investment deal with China

A carbon capture and storage (CCS) firm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China to jointly identify investment in a project in North East Scotland. CO2DeepStore will partner with the UK-China Guangdong CCUS Centre (GDCCUSC) and New Silk Road Energy to increase the country’s involvement in the Acorn CCS facility. Greenhouse gas emissions, which […]

UK has ‘enough storage capacity for CCS up to 2050’

The UK has more than enough capacity to store captured carbon up until 2050. That’s according to new research published by the Energy Technologies Institute, which suggests the east coast of England in particular is an ideal location for the deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities. This is primarily due to its large […]

‘Delaying CCS could cost UK £2bn a year’

Delaying carbon capture and storage (CCS) implementation could cost the UK up to £2 billion a year. That’s according to the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which says achieving the country’s 2050 emissions targets without deploying CCS is very likely to result in soaring costs. The organisation says the value of CCS comes from its potential for use in […]

UK awards contract for CO2 transport and storage

A contract has been awarded to review a range of ways to transport and store captured Carbon Dioxide. BEIS has assigned the task to Pale Blue Dot Energy (PBD), which will review a variety of business models that have either been used successfully overseas or proposed for the UK. These business models could come from the carbon capture and storage […]

‘Industrial CCS support best way to reduce emissions’

An industrial group has presented a case to increase carbon capture and storage (CCS) support. The Teesside Collective has published a finance proposal outlining how the Tees Valley could become the birthplace of vital clean industrial growth. It says CCS would not only allow a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions without negatively affecting growth but would also have the benefit of attracting inward investment […]

UK wasted £100m on failed CCS competition

The UK Government’s second bid to support carbon capture and storage (CCS) has fallen through. It spent £100 million on the competition to develop and install the technology, which permanently stores carbon emissions underground, before concerns over the scheme’s value for money meant it was scrapped. The National Audit Office (NAO) said DECC began the programme without agreeing the long-term costs of supporting the […]