‘Public transport must have a central place in post-coronavirus climate action’

Rail and public transport bodies have called on governments to support new sustainable mobility infrastructure projects to help drive down emissions

Shell Energy Retail works towards net zero UK homes with two carbon-neutral tariffs

The new tariffs offset CO2 emissions created during customer’s gas and renewable electricity use

May becomes ‘the greenest month ever’ in the UK

It was the first full calendar month of electricity generation without coal since the industrial revolution, according to a new report

Danish district heat plant to phase out coal and slash 375k tonnes of CO2

The green switch is estimated to reduce the annual Danish CO2 emissions by 1%, the equivalent of replacing 200,000 cars with EVs

‘More than half of Britons want to become greener after the lockdown’

A total of 64% of people said they would find it easier to take smaller steps than make big changes to reduce their carbon footprints, according to a new survey

Vestas launches full-electric service vehicle programme in China

The replacement of all Vestas service vehicles with EVs is estimated to result in an annual reduction of 35k tonnes of CO2

Swansea Council’s pension fund to invest £30m in green energy companies

The fund will invest in a range of solar and wind power infrastructure projects that aim to deliver long-term benefits for the fund and climate change

‘Two-thirds of consumers support carbon footprint labelling on products’

France, Italy and Spain are the markets with the highest number of consumers who think carbon labelling is a good idea, according to a global survey

Half of UK’s carbon footprint ‘coming from overseas emissions’

A new report claims while between 1990 and 2016 domestic emissions reduced by 41%, the UK’s consumption-based footprint only dropped 15%

Parents ‘have bigger carbon footprint than childless couples’

A new report suggests this is largely because of increased transportation and food consumption changes