Birmingham Airport schedules a net zero arrival for 2033

The organisation has committed to cleaning up its carbon footprint by delivering cleaner airport operations, rather than relying heavily on carbon offsets

Meat giant Maple Leaf Foods takes a bite out of emissions by going ‘carbon-neutral’

Meat production and consumption are widely considered to be major drivers of climate change

CNG stocking up on manure to produce ‘first net zero fuel for HGVs’

The firm plans to offer carbon-neutral biomethane to businesses from 2021

DuPont commits to go carbon-neutral by 2050

The American chemicals giant’s move comes alongside a number of other goals intended to clean up its environmental footprint

Liberty Steel aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

The GREENSTEEL strategy aims to offset carbon emissions through investments in new environmentally-friendly technology such as hydrogen-based steelmaking

Labour Party welcomes plan for carbon-neutral energy system by the 2030s

It claims this would help the nation decarbonise and could result in a net benefit of £800 billion across the UK by 2030

Carbon neutrality ‘cannot be reached without energy efficiency’

That’s the opinion of Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President of Europe Operations at Schneider Electric, who spoke to ELN Editor Sumit Bose at the company’s Innovation Summit in Barcelona Earlier this month

Bentley boasts ‘UK’s first carbon-neutral luxury car factory’

The site sources 100% of its electricity from onsite solar panels and other renewable sources

Gucci, Balenciaga and YSL owner redesigns its future with carbon neutral goal

Kering has pledged to offset its remaining greenhouse gas emissions for 2018, which amounts to 2.4m tonnes

Gucci claims to get emissions in the bag with offset scheme

The fashion giant plans to offset emissions by contributing to four UN-backed forestation schemes