npower’s Wayne Mitchell reviews the Budget

Budget reaction: mostly good news for energy consumers Yesterday’s Budget had some positive news for business. An updated economic growth forecast of 2.7% for 2014 – almost a whole percentage point higher than the 1.7% predicted last year – puts us ahead of all other major advanced economies, according to Chancellor Osborne, including Germany, Japan […]

Double tax rise putting burden on CHP says trade group

A double tax rise on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is putting a burden on the industry and “sending the wrong signal to investors” according to the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA). It complained the Government’s removal of the Climate Change Levy exemption for CHP and its introduction of Carbon Price Support has lumped […]

UK carbon tax could add 10% to bills finds bank

The UK’s tax on carbon could add 10% to energy bills, analysts at investment bank Macquarie believe. In an equities research report, they suggest that from an “environmental, economic and taxation point of view” it is “counterproductive” and “therefore unsustainable”. The carbon price support is effectively a tax levied by the Treasury on fossil fuels. […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

The contracts that will make a difference to your business  Another week, another important EMR announcement – and this time, rather than analysing new detail released by the government, we are being asked for our views, so they can then do the analysing. I’m talking about not one but two EMR-related consultations launched by the […]

Flat and coal-d? National Grid predicts winter energy prices

Next winter’s energy prices will be fairly flat except when it comes to gas – and lots of coal use is likely according to National Grid’s prediction for the winter. The National Grid is responsible for getting energy moved around the country and balancing the grid’s electricity and gas use. Its latest report picks out trends from […]

UK coal left behind by Government policy

The UK coal industry, which accounts for a total yearly average of 30% of energy generation, is being dealt a bad hand by the Government, according to the Confederation of United Kingdom Coal Producers. Speaking to ELN yesterday, Director General of CoalPro, David Brewer said Coalition decisions were endangering the UK’s security of supply: “Coal […]

EMR: the facts

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) will be announced today. It’s seen as the blueprint for moving the UK economy towards a low carbon future. But what exactly is the EMR? When it was first proposed in December, the EMR was made up of: – A carbon price support – […]