Major energy users welcome CRC changes

“The simpler and less bureaucratic it can be, the better.” These were the words of the head of the Energy Intensive Users Group, who welcomed the proposed changes to the Carbon Reduction Scheme announced by Government today. Jeremy Nicholson, the group’s director commended the Department of Energy and Climate Change for bringing in the proposals: […]

CRC is basically a tax, says Energy Minister

Energy Minister Charles Hendry admitted that the Department of Energy and Climate Change had in fact made a mistake with the Carbon Reduction Scheme. He said DECC were in the wrong but also wanted to fix the problem: “It is basically a tax and I think it’s wrong to try and suggest otherwise. But I […]

D-day for CRC participants

CRC deadline day has arrived. In just a few hours the registration period for those companies that should be in the scheme will close. At the time of writing, the Environment Agency confirmed to ELN that the registered tally stands at 2,731, with another 400 firms in the process of completing their paperwork. For these […]