UK public concern about climate change ‘at record highs’

Nearly 45% of Brits feel ‘very or extremely worried’ about the impact climate change is having on the planet

Fracking has had a ‘negative impact on public perception of climate technologies’

A new study has found that the reputation of emerging technologies in the fight against climate change has been tainted by the criticism of fracking

Energy positive house slashes bills by £1,000 a year

The house designed by Cardiff University is net negative in carbon emissions

Climate scientists ‘fly more than other researchers’

A new report suggests climate experts take about five flights per year, while non-climate researchers take four

Almost half of Britons plan to cut down on flying as coronavirus sparks lifestyle changes

In a new survey, respondents also noted they were now more likely to turn off lights and unused appliances than before the lockdown

Government pumps £140m into zero-emissions tech projects

A new zero-emissions water taxi project will benefit from the funding announced by BEIS

Climate change and Brexit ‘the biggest issues facing Brits’

Two-fifths of people are now very or extremely worried about climate change, according to a survey by Cardiff University

Plans for £5m climate change research centre at Cardiff Uni

It will explore how the UK can achieve rapid and far-reaching emissions reductions

Are wealthy countries less concerned about energy security and costs?

People in the UK are most concerned about being too dependent on energy imports and least about interruptions to supplies, says new research

Welsh scientists to develop emissions forecast tool

Cardiff University is developing a tool to forecast Wales’ greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years. Scientists from the institution are working together with the BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Engineering to create the tool on behalf of the Welsh Government. It will be used to help set appropriate targets and carbon budgets for […]