Catalyst Commercial bags Energy Management Champion award

The Energy Management Champion trophy has been handed to Catalyst Commercial at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA). The award-winning event, which celebrates the best of the best TPIs and energy consultants in the industry, attracted nearly 600 people. The judges said: “Catalyst won because they gave a great example of a customer-focused business.” The […]

UK energy broker buys water consultancy

A UK business energy broker has bought a water management consultancy for an undisclosed sum. Catalyst Commercial provides a number of services including procurement and risk management, energy efficiency consulting and planning. It said the buyout of Aqua House will complement its water division and will form part of an enlarged part of its business […]

Whiter Than White: The new Plastic Light bulb

A new type of plastic light bulb developed in the US has been developed and is already promising better energy efficiency and a better quality of light. Developed at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, researchers believe that their latest invention has enough benefits to replace current fluorescent bulbs. Created from three layers of light-emitting […]

Wave Power Potential on Scottish Coast

Following a recent batch of interesting and topical renewable energy articles on the Catalyst Commercial website, we thought that the recent study into harnessing the wave power from around the UK was a perfect fit. A recent study conducted by the Crown Estate (who owns the British foreshore and seabed) has reported that utilising wave […]

Solar Power Goes ‘Global’

Despite the romance and ideals of many green technologies, it’s rare that any come with designs you could actually call beautiful.  The practicality of your average solar panel rules its design, whilst the amount of petitions that spring up in opposition to wind farms should tell you what most people think about the design of […]

“Revolutionary” football creates energy

The world’s favourite sport can now help charge electronic devices, thanks to a “revolutionary” football which is able to produce and store electricity whilst it is being kicked around. The initiative, started by five Harvard students, could provide a power solution for developing countries. Dubbed the ‘Soccket’, the ball is capable of producing enough energy […]

Is Football the Next Wave of Renewable Energy?

Five Harvard students have created a concept football that is able to produce and store electricity whilst it is being played with. Dubbed the ‘Soccket’, this revolutionary ball is capable of producing enough energy to power a light for around three hours, from being kicked around for just thirty minutes. Using an induction coil fitted […]

Catalyst Commercial Review

Address: Catalyst Commercial Services Ltd Kathleen House 10 James Road Tyseley Birmingham B11 2BA T: 0870 710 7560 E: [email protected] Website – Twitter –!/CatalystEnergy Facebook – Company description: Catalyst is the UK’s market leading independent business energy consultant, specialising in energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental solutions. For over a decade Catalyst […]

Draft Energy Bill Dodges Carbon Commitment

The much-anticipated Draft Energy Bill has avoided giving a firm date on the government’s target to banish coal and gas from the UK’s energy production system. Previously, ministers had stated they wished to make energy clean by 2030, but the need to ‘retain flexibility’ has forced them to avoid making an written commitment, as yet. […]

Smart Meters to Generate Savings of £7bn in 20 years

According to the DECC updated report on the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, the mass roll out of smart meters will cost £11.5bn over the next twenty years. However, it is estimated that profits will reach the £18.6bn mark resulting in a net profit of approximately £7bn over the same period of time. The government and […]