New catalyst edges closer to hydrogen production from seawater

A new discovery means the process can be undertaken without creating harmful gases

Oil and gas majors invest in UK carbon utilisation firm

  A group of 10 major oil and gas companies is investing in a carbon utilisation firm in the UK. Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative’s (OGCI) $1 billion (£0.7bn) Climate Investments fund made the announcement about the new investment in Econic Technologies at IP Week in London today. The funding […]

UK gas prices will rise in order to compete with Asia

As news breaks that a major UK Shale gas find by Caudrilla could reduce our dependency on LNG, Energy Brokers Catalyst have predicted that UK gas prices are to rise toward the end of the year, because of higher demand of LNG supplies in Asia. Since the Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster, back in March, […]

Catalyst and Solar2Energy to bring free solar power to its customers

Catalyst, a market leading energy consultant who provides energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental services, announced their partnership. Through this partnership, Solar2Energy will be offering its full end to end photovoltaic solution to catalysts clients to allow them to benefit from their own on site generation with no capital outlay. This is possible due to […]

Thorium: The future of the nuclear energy generation

The contents of this article might sound like they were extracted from one of Arthur C Clarke science fiction novels but believe me they are real and backed by years of research. According to the International Energy Agency the world is on the verge of an energy crisis and we need to find a viable, […]

Can Mini-Reactors Save Nuclear Power?

Catalyst believes that with the global demand for electricity growing at an extraordinary pace that it’s only a matter of time until new forms of energy start to appear on the market, and the dominance of the worlds leading energy companies will finally come to an end. There is a long term desire for reliable, […]