Picture saves a thousand watts

A picture has always painted a thousand words – but now it could save a thousand watts too if a new photography competition is effective. Energy efficiency website Yougen wants homes and firms from around the UK to send in photos of ways they have saved energy for the chance to win an energy saving […]

Campaigners champion legal victory over DECC

A campaign group is championing its legal victory over DECC in the controversial solar FiTs court case. Today the Supreme Court refused DECC permission to challenge a ruling which would have let it cut the subsidy paid out to solar power from panels installed between 12 December and 3 March. Friends of the Earth said […]

Crackdown on solar panel ‘cowboys’

A consumer website is launching a crackdown on ‘cowboy’ solar panel installers who use intimidating tactics to sell panels at the wrong tariff level. Renewable energy website YouGen says it began the campaign after receiving a growing number of complaints from concerned consumers. It warns “unscrupulous” installers are trying to cash in on the confusion […]