Scotland funds £100k to improve Malawi energy access

The Scottish Government is providing £100,000 to improve energy access in Malawi. It will back the construction of 43 community energy installations in 12 districts across the African country by April next year. The funding, which will support the Community Energy Malawi (CEM) programme, will mean rural communities will have continued access to electricity in […]

Global energy management campaign launched

A global campaign to promote energy management system standards has been launched. The Energy Management Campaign encourages governments, businesses and industry to use the ISO 50001 standard as a mechanism to demonstrate progress towards climate and energy goals. The standard supports organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy […]

Philips aims to sell two billion LEDs by 2020

Philips Lighting has set a target to sell more than two billion LEDs by 2020. The company announced its plans at the Clean Energy Ministerial Summit in San Francisco this week and added the goal will include all LED bulbs sold from 2015. The move is expected to save power equivalent to that generated by […]

Energy Ministers act on global efficiency

ELN reports from last week’s Clean Energy Ministerial where ministers from 23 countries agreed energy efficiency standards for domestic appliances

World energy ministers commit to initiatives

Leaders from the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4All) have outlined commitments by participating countries and private sector leaders to promote improved energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and increased energy access around the world. Following two days of talks in London, the leaders from around the world […]

Cameron: “Passionate” about low cost renewables

David Cameron finally put energy back on his radar during a speech at the Clean Energy Ministerial this morning. Keeping the costs of renewable energy down was the key message from the PM as he addressed 20 Energy Ministers from around the world at Lancaster House in central London. Mr Cameron said he “passionately believes […]

Time to act is now say Ministers

ELN reports from day one of the Clean Energy Ministerial where politicans say they need to act now to get clean energy policies in place for the future

Charles Hendry on his hopes for today’s CEM

Energy Minister Charles Hendry tells ELN the topics to be discussed over the next two days at the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in London