AA-Chargemaster book in EV chargers for hotels and B&Bs

Sandford Springs Hotel in Kingclere, Hamspshire, is the first to benefit from the offer

BP signs deal to buy EV infrastructure firm Chargemaster

The energy giant will purchase the electric vehicle charging business to support its low carbon plans

Chargemaster expands EV charging network

Chargemaster is set to expand its charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), with 2,000 more planned for 2018. It installed 33 rapid chargers on the POLAR network in January and is investing in providing charging points in key locations, including hotels, petrol stations, sports clubs and shopping centres. By the end of 2018, the company […]

Lancashire Council to get 150 EV chargers

  Lancashire County Council is to install 150 electric vehicle (EV) charging points. They will include 18 rapid chargers and 66 dual-socket fast chargers, with the first units to be installed in early 2018. They will be part of Chargemaster’s EV charging network POLAR, which already has more than 5,500 chargers nationwide. The project follows […]

East Midlands awards £2m EV charging contract

Chargemaster has won a £2 million contract to install and operate around 230 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derby. The EV infrastructure provider will put the equipment into place over the next three years as part of the region’s Go Ultra Low City status, with at least 11 sites set to […]

UK roads to see 200k electric cars by end of 2018

  The electric vehicle (EV) market is expanding rapidly, with the UK’s roads estimated to have around 200,000 EVs by the end of 2018. That’s according to latest statistics from Chargemaster, which found EV registrations rose by nearly 50% last month compared to the same period in 2016. The UK saw a decline in diesel […]

UK’s largest EV charging network goes 100% green

The UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network is to be supplied by 100% renewable energy from August. The electricity usage of the POLAR network, which includes Charge Your Car sites, will be certified and matched to energy generated from green sources, enabling its 40,000 members to charge their vehicles without using fossil fuels. Operator […]

One million EVs ‘to hit UK roads by 2021’

  By 2021 there will be one million electric vehicles (EVs) on Britain’s roads. That’s according to CEO and founder of EV infrastructure provider Chargemaster, David Martell, who spoke to ELN at the company’s ‘100k EV Rally’ last Sunday. The event consisted of 38 electric cars driving from Greenwich to Milton Keynes to celebrate a total of 100,000 EVs […]

EV drivers say their time has come

ELN recently took a trip from London to Milton Keynes as part of an electric vehicle (EV) rally, to celebrate 100,000 of the green vehicles being registered on UK roads. We found out more about what these cars are like to drive, explored their potential benefits and drawbacks and spoke to a range of advocates and owners about why […]

Luton’s EV chargers upgraded by new owner

Chargemaster has acquired and upgraded the electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Luton. The move follows the closure of EV infrastructure provider Source East, which previously owned and managed the town’s charging points. In a statement the group said it shut down due to increasingly unmanageable financial costs and dwindling support from public bodies. The […]