‘One-in-four Scottish EV chargers are faulty’

A BBC report has found that just under a quarter of these aren’t working properly

More than half of work car parks have nowhere to charge EVs

Just 1% of public car park spaces offer a charging point, a study claims

UK coppers boast 430 EVs

There are also more than 800 charging points

‘US charging point frenzy could leave people of colour behind’

Black communities could be left behind in EV surge, the NAACP claims

As energy prices jump, EVs will cost more than petrol cars

Travelling electric will have a hefty impact on drivers’ pockets from October

Almost half the UK don’t think the country will ever be ready for EVs

Money is the main barrier, with energy prices on the rise – a report suggests

Scottish coppers given EVs – but nowhere to charge them!

More than 20 Scottish police stations have reportedly been given new electric vehicles without any charging points

UKPN launches group to drive EV uptake

This group will try to help businesses wanting to decarbonise but unsure of how to start

The Electric Miles Blog – Building energy flexibility futures

Our dashboard managed white label SMART EV Charging SaaS suite means that for a onetime fee at the charger point of sale, manufacturers can focus on their charger HW & Firmware, to lower their product cost and significantly increase margins.

UK ends EV buyer grant scheme to boost infrastructure

The plug-in grant funding will now be used to increase charging access and cut ‘range anxiety’