Huhne replaced as Energy Secretary

Ed Davey takes over at DECC

Greens mourn loss of ‘fighter’ Huhne

Environmental groups have expressed sadness over the resignation of former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and have praised his work on green issues in the UK. Margaret Ounsley from WWF-UK said: “Chris Huhne understood the very complex issue of climate change, and fought his corner long and hard within the government to ensure that core policies, […]

Ed Davey announced as new Energy Secretary

Ed Davey MP was announced as the new Energy Secretary earlier by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, following Chris Huhne’s resignation. The former BIS minister is expected the hit the ground running by environmental groups who are urging him to carry on former Secretary Chris Huhne’s legacy. John Sauven, a Director at Greenpeace said: “Ed […]

Huhne charged

Chris Huhne will be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice following a decision by the head of the CPS this morning. Mr Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce were both charged in relation to a speeding points offence from 2003. Making a rare statement the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer told the press: […]

Huhne speeding decision due tomorrow

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne will find out on Friday morning whether he faces charges over allegedly dodging a speeding fine. The Crown Prosecution announced that they will be announcing the decision live at 10am tomorrow. An investigation into Mr Huhne began after his ex-wife Vicky Pryce made allegations he shifted points for a speeding offence […]

Solar industry in chaos as BPVA sides with Government

One of the driving forces behind the solar case against Government has resigned from the British Photovoltaic Association after the Energy Secretary revealed in Parliament the Government had backing from them for the court case. In response to the opposition’s questions regarding job losses in the solar sector Energy Secretary Chris Huhne told Government: “If […]

Reporter’s Blog

Not so smart meters You can’t get a smart meter for love nor money. At least, so says a man who has gone out of his way to get his hands on one, without any luck. Last week the Energy Secretary has talked up the benefits of smart meters and British Gas announced plans to […]

DECC take solar case to Supreme Court to maximise installations

The solar saga took another turn today as the Energy and Climate Change Secretary announced DECC would appeal the latest decision made by the courts. Chris Huhne said: “The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court ruling on FITs albeit on different grounds. We disagree and are seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme […]

Big Energy Week – a helping hand?

ELN speaks to DECC and CAB on how best to save energy

Chris Huhne defends smart meter "benefits"

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has defended the Government’s controversial plans to implement an £11.7 billion roll-out of ‘smart meters’. The devices send information regarding energy consumption back to suppliers, supposedly giving a better understanding of usage. The plans have come under fire as critics are concerned Government is writing a ‘blank cheque’ to the power […]