Christmas trees used as flood protection

Unused Christmas trees are getting a new lease of life – as river bank protection in rural areas of Cumbria. The tree trunks donated by the Forestry Commission are used to bolster flood defences by the Environment Agency (pictured). Large spruce logs are secured at the base of eroding river banks and the Christmas trees […]

Roaring way to recycle your Christmas tree

A zoo in Cambridgeshire is asking for people to donate their old Christmas trees so it can recycle them – both for lions to play with and to power its biomass boiler. Linton Zoo posted a video clip online of its six-year-old African lion Zuri playfully chewing and grappling with an old tree as part of […]

Christmas trees present festive flood defence

Old Christmas trees will be used as an innovative and sustainable form of flood defence. The Environment Agency say that placing the coniferous trees along river banks will help reduce erosion and creates a good habitat for fish. The trees have been used in previous projects as a greener alternative to using heavier engineering materials […]