IKEA opens the door for furniture rental service

The Swedish brand has announced it is launching trials in Switzerland this month

Different types of food
More sustainable food system could save a delicious $2.7tn a year

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation says the current industrial food system is “no longer fit for the 21st century”

Electronic waste
Electronic waste RAM-ming landfills worth $62bn

A new report shows this is three-times the value of all silver produced each year

Circular clothing hits the catwalk at Dutch Design Week

Trash-2-Cash suggests textile waste should be chemically regenerated

EU ‘must integrate circular policies and bio-economy’

The European Environment Agency suggests policies in these areas must converge to maximise green benefits

Kraft Heinz to ketchup on 100% sustainable packaging by 2025

It also plans to decrease the overall volume of packaging used

The North Face climbs towards circular economy with recycled clothing

The adventuring equipment and outerwear company hopes to cut waste with the new range

Water way to reduce plastic waste!

  Bottled water brand Evian has announced it plans to make all of its bottles from recycled plastic by 2025. Currently, recycled plastic only contributes towards a quarter of its bottles, even though all are recyclable. It also plans to move towards a circular business model in other ways, including by redesigning its packaging, accelerating […]