More than 100 cities powered mostly by renewables

More than 100 global cities get the majority of their electricity from renewable sources. That’s according to new data from non-profit environmental impact researcher CDP, which reveals 101 cities, including Auckland, Nairobi, Oslo, Seattle and Vancouver, have reported using at least 70% green energy. It adds more than 40 cities, including Burlington, Basel and Reykjavik, […]

New framework to guide cities towards greener future

A new framework serving as a guide for cities seeking to enhance their sustainability has been launched. The World Bank and the Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) new ‘Urban Sustainability Framework’ (USF) aims to support cities along the green pathway, from creating a vision to identifying financial resources to implement their plans. It lays out six […]

London and Indian state mayors fight air pollution

London and the Indian state of Bengaluru are leading a new global partnership of up to 20 other world cities on tackling air pollution in urban centres. The C40 Air Quality Network – co-chaired by London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Belgaluru Mayor Sampath Raj – will allow city leaders to share ideas and innovation to […]

Could 1,000 cities go renewable by 2040?

A new initiative aims to see 1,000 cities around the world stop using fossil fuels and move to 100% renewable energy by 2040. The 1,000 Cities project, launched by Pathway to Paris and Care2, aims to meet and exceed the goals of the Paris Agreement by getting citizens to petition their elected officials. Every signature […]

London among 12 major cities pledging fossil-fuel-free streets

London is among 12 major cities that have pledged to have streets free of fossil fuels by 2030. The mayors from cities, including Auckland, Barcelona, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Quito, Seattle and Vancouver, have signed the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Declaration. It includes a pledge to buy only zero-emissions buses from 2025 […]

Metro mayors urged to make UK cities green

A coalition of environmental organisations is calling on incoming metro mayors to take urgent action to green their cities. The call from groups, including the National Trust, Green Alliance and the Campaign for Better Transport, comes as England’s first ever metro mayors are being elected in six city regions today ahead of the general election. […]

Europe’s cities going green despite tight budgets

European cities are successfully future-proofing against climate change despite budgetary constraints. That’s according to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) report, which highlights a range of green successes and demonstrates how they could be implemented elsewhere. Popular and relatively cost effective measures include building more green spaces and installing green roofs, both of which enhance water retention, aid cooling […]

UK city leaders call on PM to take action on air quality

Leaders from the UK’s most polluted cities have urged the Prime Minister to take action on air quality. In a historic move, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and council bosses from Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham and Southampton have penned a letter calling on Theresa May to prioritise tackling toxic emissions. The group want to see vehicle manufacturers made more accountable for emissions, […]

Local authorities ‘need more power over green housing’

Cities in the UK should be given more power to raise the bar on green new-build housing. The UK Green Building Council’s (UK GBC) latest paper proposes government should allow local authorities to take leadership of delivering sustainable new homes and communities to tackle the housing and climate crises. Its release follows the government’s scaling […]

Megacities ‘must ensure emissions peak in 2020’

The next four years are critical to meeting the Paris Agreement targets. That’s according to a new plan from the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and consultancy firm Arup, which have outlined how cities must act to end emissions growth by 2020. The C40 group connects more than 80 megacities, representing over 600 million people and a quarter of the global […]