Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone reaches full speed

Motorists whose vehicles do not meed Clean Air Zone standards will have to pay up to £50 daily fee

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone to launch in June 2021

The owners of the most polluting vehicles will need to pay a daily charge to drive into or through the Clean Air Zone

Coronavirus pandemic delays Birmingham’s launch of clean air zone

The clean air zone was expected to launch this summer but will be postponed to allow businesses and the public to focus on the pandemic

York awards £1.6m to roll out cleaner buses

It comes ahead of the launch of the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in the city later this month

Bristol Council votes to ban diesel cars from 2021

Under the plan, all privately-owned diesel vehicles will be banned from entering it every day between 7am and 3pm by March 2021

Bristol consults on Clean Air Zone to tackle pollution

The consultation is open until 12th August 2019

Government approves Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone

People driving highly polluting vehicles will have to pay to drive around parts of the city