Net Hero Podcast – Every breath we take!

This week it’s all about the air we breathe, how clean is it? Will schemes like ULEZ make a difference? Join my chat with Imogen Martineau from the Clean Air Fund

Sadiq Khan admits to stealing Boris Johnson’s ULEZ policy

The expansion of the clean air plan to cover all of Greater London’s areas has recently come up against opposition from councils

ULEZ ‘stop elderly residents from attending funerals of loved ones’

Older residents may miss funerals at Richmond because of the ULEZ charge, a councillor has said

EVs lead to fall in asthma hospital admissions, study shows

New research found that as EV adoption increased within an area in California, asthma-related emergency room visits dropped

‘Net zero could bring 2m more years of life’

How would a net zero world improve our health?

Is the cold snap to blame for London’s ‘high’ air pollution alert?

Londoners have been asked to avoid unnecessary car journeys after high air pollution alert issued

Mind the air: London Underground’s most polluted routes exposed

New study found that certain routes can have eight times higher air pollution levels than the safe limit

The Carbon Column – Road transport: which direction?

In post I focus on the dark side of lithium, a metal that could be more harmful than helpful

Does London have the ‘fourth-highest LEZ fine in the world’?

Britain’s capital ranked in fourth place with ULEZ and Congestion penalty charges of £80, according to new research

Are British school classes filled with CO2?

Nearly one-in-eight schools and colleges have “too high” levels of carbon dioxide, according to a government survey