Canada invests $17.9m in clean technologies for sustainable farming

The funding is focused on three priority areas – green energy and energy efficiency; precision agriculture; and bio-economy

Canada launches new Collaboration Centre for Clean Energy Transition

Researchers will work towards developing innovations in hydrogen and carbon technologies across the value chain of clean energy development

EU and Bill Gates announce ‘pioneering’ partnership to support clean technologies in Europe

The Commission and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst aim to mobilise new investments of up to €820m between 2022 and 2026

US invests $74m in energy efficient building technologies

A total of 63 eco-friendly projects will benefit from the Department of Energy investment

IEA: Only four out of 38 clean technologies on track to meet sustainability goals

Most technologies will not meet the climate, energy access and air pollution targets under its Sustainable Development Scenario

New York funds £10m to help clean energy startups

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a $10 million (£8.2m) investment to provide incubator services to early-stage clean energy companies. The money will support new and existing incubators that help emerging clean energy companies grow and succeed. These state-sponsored incubators will assist startups by connecting them with investors, development partners and mentors to […]

Governments urged to remove trade barriers to meet green goals

Erasing barriers to trade and investment in the energy sector would help countries achieve their green goals. That’s according to the World Energy Council (WEC) which urged governments to tackle non-tariff measures (NTMs) to achieve the energy trilemma. It added, NTMs as a trade barrier, frequently relate to customs procedures and import requirements, technical standards and […]

UK and India in low carbon business alliance

A coalition of top business leaders from the UK and India led by Sir Stuart Rose and Rajan Bharti Mittal have today urged closer trade ties on low carbon technologies. And the call has been endorsed by David Cameron and Energy Minister Greg Barker. A report from the UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group, which was […]