‘Solar leafs’ outshine panels in UK breakthrough

The new technology eradicates the need for pumps, fans, control units and expensive materials, while also making more clean water and thermal energy

Is government exploring plan to convert lavatory waste into drinking water?

Ministers are reportedly examining several water recycling projects, including a toilet-to-tap scheme

Will zero carbon flights win public vote for £10m jackpot?

The public are being asked to vote which technology idea deserves a jackpot of £10 million to solve “one of the greatest issues of our time”. Creating aeroplanes capable of short-haul flights from London to Edinburgh that are zero carbon is one of six issues jockeying to win the Longitude Prize 2014. Others are access […]

Cartoon camel and Swindon are water efficiency winners

What do a cartoon camel, the town of Swindon and a plant nursery have in common? They’re all winners when it comes to water efficiency. That’s according to the Environment Agency and Waterwise, which are urging businesses to use water efficiency to boost their profits on the day it announces the results of its UK […]