Sustainability hits the high street with new H&M clothing line

It hopes the range of recycled products will showcase the increasing possibilities of sustainable fashion

C&A buttons up ‘world’s most sustainable jeans’

The environmentally-conscious fashion brand says its denim garments are ‘infinitely recyclable’

‘Public deluded about amount they need to own and how much they waste’

Relocation firm Movinga says people must cut down on damaging levels of consumption

Halloween horror for sustainability as 7m costumes binned

Halloween season is a horror for sustainability, with last year seeing seven million costumes ending up in the bin. Instead of giving up the ghost, the North London Waste Authority has launched its #SewSpooky campaign to reduce cost and waste by encouraging more people to make outfits themselves and to give old outfits a new […]

Sustainable stitching squeezed from Sicily’s oranges

  Waste from juiced Sicilian oranges is now being made into sustainable clothes. Adriana Santonocito, a former design student in Milan, had the idea in 2011 to use the abundant amount of orange rinds generated in her native city of Catania to create environmentally friendly textiles. Many thousands of tonnes of citrus fruit are juiced […]

Green clothing comes into style

Members of a sustainable clothing group have outperformed the rest of the industry in cutting carbon, water and waste. That’s according to a new report from WRAP, which suggests signatories to the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) have helped slash the environmental impact of the UK clothing sector. The not-for-profit sustainability organisation’s programme, which aims […]

IKEA puts together pilot textile recycling scheme

IKEA Cardiff is piloting a new scheme to repair, reuse and recycle the local community’s unwanted textile products. In partnership with charity YMCA, customers will be able to bring anything from old clothing to soft furnishings to the store for the retailer to donate to the local community, including low-income families, charity shops and the homeless. IKEA also plans […]

This season’s colour is green!

Five brands and retailers have agreed to produce clothing more sustainably. Bobo Choses, OVS, Peak Performance, Primark and Star Sock have signed up to the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP), an initiative to help clothing companies go green. It hopes to divert 90,000 tonnes of clothing waste from landfill and incineration, save 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 […]

Recycled sportswear – from the bin to the gym!

A company is using plastic bottles, fishing nets, carpets and bamboo to create sustainable sportswear. GRN Sportswear uses some of the 14.5 billion plastic bottles thrown away in the UK each year to make a light, synthetic fabric for its sports clothing. Each tonne of bottles converted into vests, swimsuits and shorts saves 1.5 tonnes of CO2. The company also uses […]

Could your clothing store solar heat?

Imagine if your shirt or dress could release heat to keep you warm during the winter months. Even more, what if it could dial back on your thermostat setting and have the right temperature if you enter a cooler room? Well according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), that could be possible […]