‘Simpler and stricter’ EU energy labels for lighting products come into effect

Under the new A-G scale, very few products are initially able to achieve the ‘A’ and ‘B’ ratings, leaving space for more efficient products to gradually enter the market

Toyota-led consortium to launch renewable energy project in Japan

The clean energy generated could cut carbon dioxide emissions to zero to propel a ‘low carbon society’

Increase in virtual events ‘sees 99% reduction in emissions’

A new report notes online events eliminate the need to travel, book a hotel and organise catering services and offer a range of ‘practical and ecological benefits’

New EU rules agreed to monitor heavy duty vehicle emissions

It is is the first ever EU legislation focusing on the CO2 emissions from lorries, buses and coaches

First US eHighway demonstration in California

An eHighway demonstration has been launched in the Californian city of Carson. Three freight trucks are running along the stretch of the one mile highway, using technology from Siemens to electrify select lanes via an overhead system. The catenary system supplies the trucks with electric power and also allows their operaton outside the electrified parts […]

New CO2 emissions-based vehicle tax rates

New tax rates based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions the first time it is registered have come into effect. It applies to all cars and some motor homes registered from 1st April 2017. The standard rates are: £140 a year for petrol or diesel vehicles £130 a year for alternative fuel vehicles, such as hybrids, […]

European vans emit less CO2

Vans sold in the European Union last year are 2.4% more fuel efficient than they were in 2013. According to a report presented by the European Environment Agency (EEA), 1.4 million vans registered in 2014 on average emitted 169.2 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. This is 4g CO2/km less than in 2013. Portugal had […]

Exhausts lose weight for the new year

Exhausts are getting a makeover by cutting their weight in half which could save on petrol costs and reduce emissions. Experts are working with Coventry University on a six month intense programme to design and make exhaust systems to just 20 kilograms. The weight of an exhaust pipe is normally around 40 kilos. Marcus Henry, […]

China builds “world’s largest” methane power plant

A Chinese firm claims it has built the world’s largest power plant fuelled by methane gas that is emitted during coal mining. The Lu’an Group which completed the facility in north China’s Shanxi Province said it would soon start operating the generator with a capacity of 30 megawatts, the Xinhua news agency reported. When coal is […]

Low carbon water cooler moment?

Water cooler company Eden Springs claims it has slashed its carbon emissions by 184,000 tonnes since 2010. The water and coffee supplier reckons it has offset the same amount of carbon as nearly 378,000 flights from London to New York by working with The Carbon Neutral Company. Giving customers water coolers that turn off during the night and on the weekends is partly to thank for […]