Critical coal barges at deadlock as Rhine is set to be “impassable” by Friday

Shallow water across the river could reportedly mean that energy products remain undelivered

Back to black: coal demand to return to its peak this year

The IEA suggests there will be a global demand for eight billion tonnes of coal to produce power this year

Government confirms funding for ‘Britain’s first’ gigafactory

The new gigaplant in Cambois, Northumberland is to receive £100m

Britain braces for “tight” electricity margins and “very high” energy prices

The ESO says that despite the tight margins likely to be seen at the end of the year, it should be able to keep the lights on

Council consults on rebirth of coal power station site after its shutdown

The site of Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire could soon become home to a green technology and energy hub

Drax agrees to keep coal plant online this winter

Keeping the UK’s coal-fired power stations at normal capacity this winter aims to ease the energy crunch

Uniper reportedly seeks state support in light of reduced Russian gas flows

The owner of a coal power station in Nottinghamshire expects significantly lower earnings as a result of the energy crisis

Business Secretary: “We will not be blackmailed by dictators with their hands on the gas taps”

Kwasi Kwarteng has highlighted the need for the UK to be prepared for any energy supply scenario – however extreme

Methane leak at Russian coal mine ‘could be the biggest ever detected’

Satellite data shows that on 14th January nearly 90 tonnes of methane were released, every hour, from the Russian mine

“Options open” for keeping UK coal plants at normal capacity this winter

Energy Minister has said his first priority in the coming winters is to “maintain levels of investment” in the North Sea oil and gas