Heatwave: UK activates coal plant, cost revealed

Coal power units were brought back online in the UK to meet high electricity demand during the heatwave, marking the end of a 46-day period without coal generation

National Grid turns to coal power amidst rising air conditioning demand

In response to rising electricity demand for air conditioning, National Grid has asked Uniper’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in Nottinghamshire to make preparations for operation

Labour: Oil and gas will be part of the mix for decades to come

Sir Keir Starmer has affirmed his determination to prevent the oil and gas sector from mirroring the pitfalls of the coal mines

Coal power station turned into 150MW battery storage system

SSE has turned its former fossil fuel Ferrybridge facility in Yorkshire into a 300MWh green hub

Australia approves first coal mine since election

This mine will be built close to Moranbah and is projected to generate 2.5 million tonnes of coal during a five-year period

Drax Power Station shines bright for King Charles’ coronation

Drax Power Station has projected a symbol onto one of its cooling towers to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation

How can energy be stored 760 metres underground in a disused mine?

Scottish firm will investigate the potential of storing energy in one of the decommissioned shafts of a coal mine in Germany

US wind and solar outshine coal in generating power

Electricity generated from solar, including small-scale distributed systems, increased by 6.7% in the first two months of 2023, the latest data shows

Drax plans £150m share buyback following record profits

A few days ago, the energy giant closed its remaining coal units

Coal power generation era lasting for 50 years comes to a close at Drax

Drax has officially ceased 50 years of coal-based power generation at its North Yorkshire power station