Indian Finance Ministry announces structural reforms across the energy sector in light of Covid-19

The reforms form part of the £217.7bn Covid economic package, set out under the Self-Reliant India Movement

Rockefeller Brothers Fund sees financial returns increase following fossil fuel divestment

The philanthropic foundation, founded by the grandsons of oil giant John D. Rockefeller, says its returns are now beating market benchmarks after shifting its portfolio to 99% fossil fuel-free investments in 2014

Coking coal
Coal-fired power plant in Northern Ireland to close

Czech energy company EPH has confirmed it will shutter the site in Kilroot, before opening a gas-fired facility in its place

‘US renewable power generation surpasses coal generation for 40 days’

In 2019, renewable generation in the US exceeded that of coal for 38 days, according to a new report

Coronavirus-stricken Europe witnesses historic lows in coal-based energy production

Total electricity demand across the European continent shrunk to lows not seen since the Second World War between 10th March and 10th April

Sweden closes last coal power plant in transition to cleaner energy future

The move means Sweden has become the third European nation to eliminate the polluting fossil fuel from its electricity production

ContourGlobal scraps plan for new coal power plant in Kosovo

The power generation company announced that it made the decision in order to facilitate the global transition to renewables

Covid-19 impacts India’s coal imports

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the nation’s coal imports have seen a 14% reduction since last year

Governments and investors ‘will waste $600bn if they continue too invest in new coal’

A new report from Carbon Tracker says new investments in coal power must end immediately to minimise the risk of stranded assets

Coronavirus crisis has ‘severe impact’ on global energy and oil markets

Global oil demand in 2020 will be down around 90,000 barrels a day from 2019, according to the latest report from International Energy Agency