Cogeneration plant saves Philadelphia hospital $9,000 per month

AB’s combined heat & power (CHP) systems enable hospitals to reduce energy costs, improve environmental performance, and increase energy reliability. Aria Health Hospital is the largest healthcare provider in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County. With three leading-edge community hospitals and a strong network of outpatient centers and primary care physicians, Aria upholds a longstanding […]

Toward a green chemistry: Vinavil chooses AB cogeneration

Awareness of the benefits of cogeneration and the need to combine a concrete environmental sustainability action with energy efficiency optimization are the main reasons that led Vinavil to install AB’s CHP plant Ecomax® 14 NGS at its factory site in Villadossola, Verbania. The production cycle of adhesives is energy-intensive and expensive. Therefore, Vinavil needs to […]

AB cogeneration working for Ledoga, an Italian symbol of excellence in the wood processing industry

Chestnut wood is processed to extract the tannins and produce pellets from the tannin-free wood. The process requires a large amount of electric power and thermal energy and AB cogeneration plants have proven to be the ideal choice for the task. Respectful of the environment and attentive to the economies of companies, they are perfect […]

AB’s cogeneration systems enable further reduction of costs and emissions at Becromal

AB’s cogeneration is the ideal solution for energy-intensive production processes as used by Becromal, a key player in the world market of aluminum foils for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This type of foil production requires large amounts of electricity and thermal energy generated by a cogeneration system already installed at Becromal’s factory in […]

Olimpias adopts cogeneration with AB

To optimise its energy consumption, Olimpias chooses to produce steam, hot water, and electricity with a single integrated high performance system. Today, it is more than ever essential for the textile industry to adopt the most effective technologies to reduce costs and develop competitiveness. The production process of textile industries typically requires significant amounts of […]

Patheon Italia, the pharmaceutical industry multinational, chooses AB cogeneration.

Cogeneration has proved to be an economically and environmentally friendly technology that is ideal for highly specialised sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical ones. Patheon Italia S.p.A. is a multinational leader in the sector of pharmaceutical toll manufacturing and in Italy, where it is growing at a staggering rate, it has chosen to adopt […]

AB partnering once again with Amadori for energy efficiency policies

  Once again, AB cogeneration proves itself to be the ideal solution for Amadori, a company always committed to environmental and energy efficiency policies. Amadori’s green philosophy requires the development of an integrated energy efficiency plan, to which a new cogeneration plant has been added: a concrete solution that allows Amadori to increase its efficiency […]

Pfizer’s energy is with AB Energy technology

The ECOMAX 18 NSG container cogeneration plant installed in the Ascoli Piceno plant meets the strict engineering and energy requirements set by the pharmaceutical multinational and fulfills Pfizer’s commitment to the environment. Awareness of cogeneration’s advantages led Pfizer’s engineering department to decide to have a plant built at their Ascoli Piceno site, energy production technology […]