Vestas enters Colombian wind market with 20MW turbine order

The wind project is forecast to cement the country’s plans to bring more renewables into its energy mix

BEIS and IFC seek innovative sustainable cooling solutions

With 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from cooling, new solutions are critically needed to address the climate footprint of growing demand

UK Government launches £16m package to protect Amazon rainforest

The investment is part of the Partnerships for Forests programme, which aims to help farmers restore a rainforest area equal to the size of 1,680 football pitches

UK injects £64m of funding into Colombian tropical rainforests to tackle deforestation

The grants will help to tackle deforestation, support biodiversity and reduce climate change

UK commits £8.5m to help tackle climate change in Colombia

Part of the funding will be used to help the finance industry become green

UK’s PACT with Colombia to improve energy access

Around three million people in Colombia have no access to electricity

Electric buses roll into Colombian city of Medellin

Chinese battery company BYD has won a competitive bid to deploy 64 electric buses

UK provides £62m to combat deforestation in Latin America

The UK Government has announced two projects to help combat deforestation in Latin America. It is investing £19 million in the Partnerships for Forests (P4F) fund for projects in Brazil, Colombia and Peru to protect the Amazon Rainforest. It has pledged a further £43 million in the REDD for Early Movers (REM) initiative, in partnership […]

New oil discovered in north-eastern Colombia

An oil firm has made a new discovery in north-eastern Columbia. Ecopetrol has reported the Boranda-1 well in Rionegro has found medium crude at a depth of 3,657 meters, in four intervals of oil sands with a total thickness of 40 metres. Ecopetrol holds a 50% interest in the Playón block, of which the Boranda-1 […]

$107.5bn invested in energy, transport and water

Investment in energy, transport and water projects rose to $107.5 billion (£67.72bn) last year. A report launched by the World Bank revealed more than 6,000 projects in 139 emerging countries have been funded from 1990 to 2014. The ‘Private Participation in Infrastructure’ report stated the energy sector had the largest number of new projects. The increase […]