British Gas pays £2.65m over invalid exit fees and charges

The Big Six supplier rolled customers onto its more expensive standard variable tariff due to a system error

How much compensation should customers receive if taps run dry?

Domestic customers are currently entitled to £20 if they are without water for a day and an extra £10 for each 24 hours on top

EU aboard for €500m German funding for energy efficient railways

The scheme is expected to promote the shift of freight traffic from road to rail and help reduce emissions

EU approves Dutch compensation for gas extraction earthquake damage

The government intends to set up a non-profit foundation to manage real estate activities affected by the tremor

SSE pays £190k to customers after energy tariff switching delays

It also paid £475,000 to other customers who ended up paying more following the switch as a ‘goodwill gesture’

Energy suppliers must automatically compensate customers for switching issues

They are required to pay at least £30 in compensation for each switching issue

E.ON pays £3.1m for missing customer appointments

E.ON is paying £3.1 million for missing customer appointments and failing to compensate them. Ofgem said the Big Six supplier has paid £1.2 million to customers and is paying £1.9 million to National Energy Action’s ‘Help for Heroes’ scheme. In 2014, E.ON reported it had missed some appointments with customers and hadn’t compensated them as […]

EU approves £280m compensation for UK energy intensive industries

The UK has been granted permission by the EU to provide state aid compensation to the nation’s energy intensive industries (EIIs) for the cost of green taxes. The package is worth around £280 million until the end of the decade. The news comes as the government aims to give more certainty to the UK steel […]

UK must ‘extend compensation for heavy energy users’

The UK Government must extend the compensation package to some energy intensive industries that weren’t initially covered. Jeremy Nicholson, Director of the Energy Intensive Users Group told ELN there are concerns about the “mounting costs of the renewable programme and to a lesser extent our decarbonisation goals generally”. However they have been offset by the […]

Energy price comparison sites should pay ‘duped’ customers, MPs say

Energy price comparison sites should compensate customers who were not given the cheapest deals on the market. The Energy and Climate Change Committee said some sites have been behaving “more like backstreet market traders” and “duping” customers into switching to tariffs that are not the cheapest or “most appropriate for their needs”. Its report also […]