Boris Johnson: “Build back beaver”!

In his keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference, the Prime Minister reiterated his government’s commitment to ‘level up’ unleashing the real potential of every part of the UK

Britain is powering towards all-green electricity by 2035

Addressing the Conservative Party Conference, Boris Johnson will reportedly unveil plans for a green grid

Boris Johnson to unveil plan to power every UK home with offshore wind by 2030

Speaking at the virtual Conservative Party conference today the Prime Minister will promise to invest £160 million in wind energy infrastructure

Boris Johnson: ‘We can beat the renewable energy sceptics’

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference earlier this week, the Prime Minister said British technology is the key to a clean energy future

All things energy at the Conservative Party Conference

  ELN attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week, where we spoke to the Ministers and MPs gathered there about all things energy.

‘Digitisation to massively improve customer experience’

  There is a massive opportunity for innovative digital technologies to improve energy customers’ experiences. That’s according to the UK’s Digital Minister, Matt Hancock, who spoke to ELN at the Conservative Party Conference about the benefits of inventions such as the Internet of Things, smart sensors and dynamic pricing. He said the range of options, […]

Theresa May confirms draft bill for energy price cap

Theresa May has pledged to publish a draft bill next week to put a price cap on energy bills. Delivering her keynote address at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today, she said the “broken” energy market “punishes loyalty with higher prices”. She added: “The most loyal customers are often those with lower incomes, the […]

Energy bills: to cap or not to cap?

  Theresa May’s proposed price cap on energy bills was the talk of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week. ELN spoke to a range of MPs, delegates and party members to gauge their reactions to the controversial policy, which is intended to make the energy market fairer by imposing an upper limit on […]

Energy Minister says Industrial Strategy must focus on UK’s green growth

Energy Minister Claire Perry believes the UK’s Industrial Strategy must focus on boosting and protecting the country’s rapid green growth progress. Speaking to ELN at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester yesterday, she said: “The energy sector, as we’ve just heard, has made huge progress, we’ve taken up our renewable percentage from something like 6% […]

Tories told small reactors are the way to decarbonise

Small nuclear reactors (SMRs) will play an essential role in the UK’s journey towards decarbonisation. That’s according to David Orr, Senior Vice President at Nuclear Rolls Royce, who said the technology is ideally suited to cost-effectively filling the gap in the grid that will be left when fossil fuel generation is taken off. He suggested […]