Osborne derides Miliband for “phoney” price freeze

Today Chancellor George Osborne derided Labour leader Ed Miliband for putting forward plans for a “phoney” price freeze policy “drafted on the back of a fag packet”. Speaking at the Tory party conference in Manchester, he claimed the attention-grabbing policy to freeze energy bills for 20 months has “completely unravelled”. He said: “Any politician would […]

Osborne unveils “generous” shale gas tax breaks

George Osborne announced a “generous” new tax regime for shale gas yesterday so that Britain can keep up with the success of the Americans in bringing down gas prices. The Chancellor’s speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham which is likely to fuel speculation he backs a “dash for gas”. His comments come on […]

Nuclear power: still splitting opinion

ELN attends the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester