‘More than a third of smart meter users report having problems’

New research suggests the number of people having issues totals around four million, with just over a year to go until the installation deadline

Unilever launches refillable bottles to make cleaning products even cleaner

The consumer goods giant’s new ‘ecorefill’ bottles aim to change how packaging is made, distributed, used and disposed of

Sustainable shopper
Are companies feeling the pressure from sustainable consumers?

A new report shows business models are changing in the face of a rise in veganism and increasing awareness regarding the impact of plastic packaging

‘Suppliers should be fined for ripping off customers’

Energy suppliers should be fined for ripping off consumers. That’s according to a new report from the Social Market Foundation (SMF) think tank, which suggests the UK needs to do more to encourage energy suppliers to move customers off their most expensive contracts. It suggests government and regulators should ensure people who don’t switch suppliers […]

Temperature rising on heat billing complaints

The majority of complaints made by heat network customers are related to billing issues. That’s according to customer protection scheme Heat Trust, which sets standards for the heat sector and provides an independent dispute resolution service. Heat suppliers received complaints from around 6% of households on Heat Trust registered schemes in 2016 – over roughly […]

Confidence in energy efficiency is up and rising

Confidence in the energy efficiency industry was up in the first quarter (Q1) of 2017 and looks to continue rising. That’s according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which suggests suppliers have seen increases in order-book growth, allied with increased consumer spending. Q1 saw 80% of suppliers say order levels are […]

Small suppliers beat Big Six on customer satisfaction

Small energy firms have beaten the Big Six on a customer satisfaction ranking table. A Which? survey that asked 9,000 energy consumers to rate their experience with 23 of the UK’s energy suppliers has been topped by Ovo Energy (78%), newcomer Places for People Energy (76%) and Ebico (75%). These smaller companies typically did better on key areas such as […]

Couple fed up with ‘Big Six’ takes them on

A Scottish couple plan to launch their own energy supplier after getting fed up with the ‘Big Six’. David Pike and Karin Sode are optimistic about hitting their total target of £450,000 after they quickly raised £18,000 in just a few weeks last year. They are currently at £67,720. They say exploitation of consumers and a lack of […]

Comparing Apples with Apples

We live in a world where information is in abundance and coupled with the choice of a free competitive market, means we have never had more factors to consider when making a purchasing decision. Energy Legislation and the supplier’s interpretation of this, makes for a very confusing market place with products full of stipulations and […]

Customers want personalised energy experience, survey finds

Consumers are interested in having energy management technologies in their homes, with a majority wanting a personalised experience. That’s according to a survey by Accenture, which asked around 10,000 people from 17 countries, including the UK, about this topic. It revealed 92% would be more satisfied if their energy provider could personalise their overall customer […]