Phillips 66 to transform oil refinery into ‘world’s largest’ renewable fuels plant

The plant is estimated to produce 800 million gallons of renewable fuels from used cooking oil, fats, greases and soybean oils every year

Neste finalises purchase of Mahoney Environmental

The renewable fuel producer first announced it would be buying the leading collector and recycler of used cooking oil in the US and its affiliated entities in March 2020

Emissions dip when freight ships use chips

Chip fat and other vegetable oils could be used to replace polluting fuels used to power freight vessels

Finnair flies to New York with cooking oil

A Finnish airline ran a flight to New York on Tuesday using recycled cooking oil, timed to coincide with the UN Climate Summit. Finnair said the biofuel mixture powering the Airbus A330 is partly made from oil used by restaurants. It was provided by SkyNRG Nordic, a joint venture between SkyNRG and Statoil Aviation. The airline has tested […]

West Sussex waste cooking oil boils 2m cuppas

The people of West Sussex recycled enough cooking oil to brew more than 2 million cups of tea in 2013. Used cooking oil recycling tanks can now be found at 10 of the county’s 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS). West Sussex County Council and recycling partner Viridor set up a scheme to divert waste […]

Yorkshire cooking oil to power homes

Waste fat and oil from households is powering Yorkshire homes in a new trial run by Yorkshire Water. Eighty-five homes Bradford are adding to tubs, known as ‘Fat Vats’ which can hold 1,000 litres. Once these are filled they’re taken to an energy centre and burned for electricity. Waste oil in just one Fat Vat […]

Boris styles London as future biodiesel hub

Mayor of London Boris Johnson sees a capital role for used cooking oil – he believes it could make London a future hub for biodiesel. That’s after a report found the city creates between 32 and 44 million litres of used cooking oil every year. A paper called ‘The market for biodiesel production from used […]

US Navy orders 450,000 gallons of biofuel

The US Navy has ordered 450,000 gallons of biofuel in a $12 million contract with Dynamic Fuels. It is the largest ever US government purchase of biofuel. The Navy bought a blend of biofuel made from algae-based biofuel and cooking oil. This will be used in a 50-50 mix with petroleum-based diesel and aviation fuel […]